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Meet with the difference of our technology and solutions in heating, cooling and air conditioning!

As a manufacturer of Heating, Cooling and Climatization systems, CoolAer designs and manufactures innovative heating and cooling solutions with a focus on renewable, sustainable energy, high performance and reliability. Our mission is to create a seamless process of product development, technical support, installation, maintenance and after sales service and as a result, provide a solid business value for our customers.

CoolAer Heating & Cooling Systems is a member of technology company group which was founded in 1979 and is at the forefront of the Digital Transformation era with cutting-edge innovations and patented products.

As CoolAer, we design and manufacture special solutions for data center and industrial cooling and climatization. We meet the needs of our customers with the R&D studies in the field of data center, world-class test laboratories, production equipments and more than 20 years of experience.

CoolAer Heating & Cooling Systems focuses on six main product lines and their accessories:

– Precision Controlled Cooling Systems

– Indirect Adiabatic Cooling Systems

–  Cooling Systems

–  Heat Pumps

–  Panel Air Conditioners

–  Commercial Air Purifiers

Difference of CoolAer solutions: Technology, high performance, reliability and advantages they offer!

CoolAer products are designed to provide solutions for customers’ needs with innovative technology to achieve energy-efficient and reliable results. Our products provide flexibility, time and cost savings in field installation, system maintenance and remote control.

During the calculations of the cooling systems, the need for cold air is usually overestimated to also be able to calculate uneven distributions of cold air. Therefore, companies has to deal with higher estimated installation costs  than they should be.  In addition to that, operational energy costs will be higher than normal and they become a burden. One of the biggest advantages of the solutions offered by CoolAer Heating & Cooling Systems to its customers is lower capital and operating costs.

CoolAer Heating & Cooling Systems provides environmental friendly heating and cooling solutions. CoolAer is recognized with its flexible portfolio, time and cost saving performance and high capacities of the solutions. Our technical and operational expertise, as well as our special product range to fully meet the needs of our customers, is our main feature that differs us in our field. With our reliable high-performance technology and innovative heating & cooling systems, we aim to offer our customers the most efficient and effective products that provide a competitive advantage in the global economy.

Precision Controlled Cooling Systems

Precision Controlled Cooling Systems are industrial-type high-efficiency and precision air-conditioning solutions used in applications where temperature and humidity control is required. Precisely controlled air conditioners, designed on the basis of working 365 days and 24 hours a year, maximize the working life and efficiency of electronic equipment by providing the required temperature, humidity and filtration of dust in the environment.

 CoolAer Heating and Cooling Systems designs and manufactures environmentally friendly cooling systems for data centers of different scales.

CoolAer solutions offer customized and ideal solutions for cooling of data centers, IT rooms, panel rooms, radar rooms, UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) rooms, battery rooms, transformer rooms, test and experiment rooms, laboratory areas.

Precision Controlled Cooling Systems include:

– Precision Controlled Air Conditioner (with DX Gas System),

– Precision Controlled Air Conditioner (with Chilled Water System),

– In-Row Cooling Units,

– Micro Data Center Cabinet Cooling Unit,

– Free Cooling Box


Indirect Adiabatic Cooling Systems

Indirect Adiabatic Cooling is a means of gaining the efficiencies of evaporative cooling without adding moisture to the air. A large percentage of the cost of operating a data center goes towards cooling and conditioning the air around these sensitive components, and the efficiencies gained by use of environmentally friendly evaporative cooling can lower those costs dramatically.

An Indirect Adiabatic Cooler draws in and humidifies outside air to lower its temperature. The air is taken to a heat exchanger, and immediately exhausted. Indoor air – which never mixes with the outdoor air – is also brought to the heat exchanger, where the temperature of the indoor air is lowered without changing its humidity.

Cooling Systems

Cooling systems are a highly efficient means of moving heat from one area (such as a data center or even specific equipment in a data center) to another (such as the great outdoors). Chillers are so effective and efficient that they are often used to help cool large venues and critical equipments.

Air-cooled chillers transfer heat from a data center to the outdoors by blowing air against a condenser that contains a refrigerant, in a manner very similar to a residential air conditioning unit. Water-cooled chillers cycles the heat from the air handler’s refrigerant to the chiller’s condenser water.


Heat Pumps

Heat pumps operate counter-intuitively, by absorbing the thermal energy from a cold space (the heat source) and removing it to a warmer one (the heat sink). CoolAer’s line of heat pumps include air-, water and ground-sourced units.

CoolAer’s heat pumps are engineered to be technician and installation friendly, with a compact footprint, easy-assembled ‘monobloc’ construction, and quiet operation.

Panel Air Conditioners

In normal operation, systems in electrical and Telecom enclosures can generate enough heat to damage their own components. To prevent the risk of damage due to the accumulation of heat, these systems need temperature modulation and airflow. CoolAer Panel Air Conditioners are designed to meet the high thermal demands and humidity regulation of electrical enclosures and similar environments for the telecommunications and electrical power industries.

CoolAer Panel Air Conditioners are low-cost, low-maintenance solutions for reliably cooling critical equipment even in harsh environments.

Commercial Air Purifiers

CoolAer Hepa Pro Commercial Air Purifier air cleaning systems are commercial grade air purifiers that offer a safe and accurate solution to neutralize viruses, bacteria and other harmful particles in the air with their specifically-designed 2-stage filtration & optional UV disinfection systems. 

CoolAer Hepa Pro Commercial Air Purifiers can easily be installed to the existing, central HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems with large volume applications such as business centers, educational institutions, factories, shopping malls, hospitals, indoor sports halls, public institutions, and airports. CoolAer Hepa Pro Commercial Air Purifiers provide a fast and low-cost solution as these air cleaning units can easily be installed to the suction channels of the existing HVAC systems, and DO NOT require a laborious and complicated installation.

CoolAer Hepa Pro Air purifiers come in 3 sizes and models as 1000m³ – 2000 m³ -3000 m³. Customized solution air purifiers with higher capacities can be also produced for special projects for the needs of customers.

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