Precision Controlled Air Conditioner With CW Water System

Better cooling more efficiency...


The move to 5G and edge computing technologies means that there are more data centers than ever, in a variety of sizes and layouts. To meet the variety of needs arising from the advances in – and the demands on – the telecom industry, CoolAer has engineered a variety of cooling solutions, including our Precision Controlled Air Conditioner with Chilled Water System.

CoolAer’s line of Precision Controlled Air Conditioners with Chilled Water System are engineered for easy installation in a variety of layouts – including raised floor, lowered ceilings, and air duct systems – and provide a cooling capacity of between 7 and 140kW.

CRAHs work to cool, dehumidify, and maintain the proper air pressure in the computer room or data center. Precision Controlled Air Conditioners with Chilled Water System differ from Precision Controlled Air Conditioners with DX Gas System in the way they produce cool air. Where Air Conditioner with DX Gas System units function much like residential air conditioners – producing cool air mechanically – Air Conditioners with CW Systems are part of a chiller system.
Chillers can efficiently cool a system’s refrigerant through the natural process of evaporation. Chillers are efficient and effective enough to be used to cool and dehumidify air in large offices and commercial buildings, and even entire campuses of buildings. By engineering that cooling capacity to work in a data center environment, heat-generating telecom equipment can be cooled with incredible efficiency.

The Precision Controlled Air Conditioner with Chilled Water System is the part of the system that directs cool air into the computer room or data center.

Our systems are designed to be:

*  Highly efficient – with options for direct-free and adiabatic cooling features

*  User friendly – with powerful automation features, managers to control multiple units working in parallel, and control managers for filters and fans

At the same time, we’ve engineered our systems to be easily serviced, installed, and maintained. Our Precision Controlled Air Conditioners with Chilled Water System are designed to be serviced entirely from the front of the unit, and both fans and filters have a skid structure for easy maintenance.
Precision Air Conditioner with CW System

*  Cooling capacity range from 7 kW to 120 kW.

*  R410A refrigerant

*  Remote access and control

*  Teamwork of up to eight devices

*  All equipment can be interfered with from the front of the unit

*  Easy changeable G4 filter without equipment. Washable and cleanable.

*  Safe and easy maintenance with fan and filter slide structure

*  EC intelligent radial fan

*  SHR: 1.00

*  Different operation options according to pressure difference and temperature principle

*  Suitable for raised flooring, lowered ceiling and air duct systems

*  Water cooled condenser option

*  High Efficiency option with direct free cooling system

*  Flexible installation opportunity

*  Proportional capacity Control Option with Inverter

*  Humidity control option

*  External DC input to keep automation active in case of power failure

*  Fire alarm input

*  Remote control option from a different device

*  Ability to store alarm history up to 100 logs

*  7" Touch Screen
*  BACnet/IP
*  Steam Humidifier
*  Return Air Damper
*  Electric Heater
*  Energy Analyzer
*  Evaporative Cooling
*  Phase Protection Relay
*  Inverter Compressor
*  Manual Mode
*  Air Vent
*  Modbus TCP
*  Automatic Transfer Switch
*  Freecooling Feature
*  SNMP Module
*  Ultra Capacitor
*  Web Interface
*  Oil Seperator

*  Catalog

*  Datasheet

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