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Precision Controlled Cooling Systems

Distinctive Solutions in Precision Controlled Cooling Systems!

Precision Controlled Cooling Systems account for 35-50% of the energy consumed by a modern data center. That means both high initial investments – paying for robust heat mitigation strategies such as cold and hot aisle containment – as well as ongoing costs in powering and maintaining these systems.

Getting the right cooling system for your data center is crucial to realizing its ROI. Many older systems over-cooled their data centers because the available technology didn’t make it possible to achieve uniform temperatures throughout the system. It was better to pay for more cold air than was needed, than for any part of the system to fail due to overheating.
Today, cooling technologies are much better able to achieve uniform temperatures throughout a data center, making it possible to plan for and realize the amount of cooling needed – without overpaying.

As an end-to-end data center systems provider, CoolAer has engineered a complete line of cooling solutions.

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