Aircraft Airport Air Conditioning System

Aircraft Airport Air Conditioning System



Coolaer Pre Conditioned Air PCA series are designed for cooling, heating and ventilating different types of aircrafts on the ground.

PCA units can be installed under the passenger board-ing bridges, beside the GPU units or as centralized PCA which makes it a flexible solution for all airports.

Equipped with the state–of–the–art inverter compres-sors and heat pump technology, Coolaer PCA series offer efficiency, reliability and durability.

Their seamless operation in various wheather conditions guarantees a consistent and comfortable temperature atmosphere within the aircraft cabin.

With Coolaer’s in-depth knowledge of heat pump technology, the PCA series units optimize the energy usage resulting in significant energy savings for airport operators.

Coolaer’s innovative, enviromental friendly PCA units have under bridge, mobile and centralized types and can be adopt-ed to any gate configuration.

• Measement of the unit's electric energy consumption.

• Measurement of the available pressure in duct.

• Possibility of connection to a local network with ETHERNET Modbus protocol.

• The “Control PCA Pro” offers real-time monitoring of cooling circuit conditions, including undercool-ing and overheating levels.

• Aspiration temperature and compressor discharge.

• Liquid temperature.

• High and low pressures using transducers.

• This improves control of the unit and facilitates its maintenance. With this control the external remote keypad is optional.


• Copper pipe coils and copper fins.

• Coils with copper pipes and aluminium fins with polyurethane and blygold polual coating.

• The ADX units feature electronic EC axial fans in the outdoor circuit, which adjust their rotation speed to reduce electricity consumption, minimize sound levels at partial charge, and enhance overall season-al efficiency.

• Complete level: Sound insulation of the main fan (motor and fan) and acoustic casing of the compressors.

• Outdoor plug-fans with condensation pressure control for ducted installation.

• Lighting of the electric panel with microswitch.

• Fan in the electric panel for its ventilation whilst the unit is at a stand-still. Especially recommended for very warm climates.

• Auxiliary electrical heaters.

• Discharge nozzle 18” (standard in models with 5 circuits).

• Additional discharge nozzle 14” (for JUMBO/NLA units).

• Motorised valve for additional nozzle (for JUMBO units with additional nozzle 14").

• Flange for additional nozzle (JUMBO units with additional nozzle 14").

• Change in the RAL colour and finish.


Standard Equipment

  • • Unit’s casing is made of galvanized steel that has been coldrolled to meet European standards EN 10 142. It is then finished with a polyester paint coating to enhance its resistance to the extreme environmental conditions.
    • Units feature a self-supporting frame and removable fans, facilitating easy access to all internal parts for convenient maintenance.

Indoor Circuit

• Units feature a centrifugal fan with direct coupling, driven by an electric motor (Class F, IP55) with internal thermal protection. The turbine is statically and dynamically balanced and mounted on permanently lubricated bearings.
• Frequency control for the air flow control.
• Prefilter and G4 air filter.
• The condensate drain pan in the ADX units is made of stainless steel and is tilted to prevent water stagnation.
• Condensate pump.
• Coil with copper pipes and aluminium fins.

Cooling Circuit

• Hermetic scroll-type compressors assembled over shock absorbers.
• Crankcase heater.

Protective Measures

• High pressure pressostat.
• Main door switch.
• Compressor discharge temperature control.
• Phase control relay.
• Automatic switch in the control circuit.
• Magnetothermic protection switches for the compressor power line and fan motor.
• Smoke detection.
• Clogged filter detector

Outdoor circuit

• Units have axial fans with two-speed settings, directly coupled to the unit. The fans feature watertight motors (Class F, IP55) with internal protection using magne-tothermals. The propellers are dynamically balanced, and there is an outdoor protec-tive grille for added safety.
• Anti-bird grid, in aspiration.
• Coil with copper pipes and aluminium fins.

Electric Panel

• Complete and fully wired electrical panel. Protection IP55.
• High electromagnetic compatibility EMC.
• Main ground connection.
• Compressor and fan motor contacts.
• System comprised of a PLC and an NQ display which performs the following functions
• Selection of the operating mode and display of the operating param-eters.
• Ambient temperature control with cabin probe.
• Outdoor temperature compensation.
• Failure diagnosis and main alarm.
• External remote keypad.

Application Areas


Aircraft Maintenance Hangars

Military Bases and Bases

Aircraft Test and Trial Centers

Private Flight Operators

Teknik Özellikler

Cooling CapacitiesCooling Capacity (kW)36,974,195,3126,8138,3188,6211,6
Power Input (kW)19,141,854,57295,3102,2129,9
Outlet Temperature (ºC)-2
Outdoor Circuit FanNominal Air Flow (m3/h)36.00048.00072.00090.000
Diameter (mm)2 x 8003 x 8004 x 8005 x 800
Output (kW)2 x 1,83 x 1,84 x 1,85 x 1,8
Speed (r.p.m.)870
Indoor Circuit FanNominal Air Flow (kg/min)407090100150 
Nominal Avai. Static Pressure (Pa)3.0005.5005.0007.0007.5008.500
Minimum Air Flow (kg/min)32567280120160
Maksimum Air Flow (kg/min)5087112124186248
Number / No. Turbines1.Oca
Output (kW)5,511, 030, 045, 0
 Number of Circuits23456
 Number Stages23456
Electrical Characteristics Electrical Power Supply400 V / III ph / 50 Hz (+/-5%)
Power Supply3 Wires + Ground
CurrentMaximum Input (A)46, 040, 1114,3149,5208,5229,8292,1
Locked rotor (A)163,6279,7309,9388,9446,7468,9759,9
Global warming potential (GWP)32.088
Charge (kg)30, 035, 040, 045, 050, 060, 0
DimensionsLength (mm)3.1054.2604.710
Width (mm)2.355
Height (mm)1.3881.6381.375
Condensate outlet Ø3/4” adaptor3/4” adaptor
1 – Cooling net capacity between conditions of entry and air exit, set for 35ºC outdoor temperature and 40 % HR.
2 – Total power input by compressor and motorised fans under nominal conditions.
3 -Climatic warming potential of a kilogram of fl uorinated greenhouse gas in relation to a kilogram of carbon dioxide over a period of 100 years.
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