Aircraft Airport Pit Systems

Aircraft Airport Pit Systems



Coolaer is a manufacturer of airport ground PITs which provide all of the required ground supply next to the aircraft.

PIT systems are located in the infrastructure of the apron as close as to the parking line which can be at a gate, remote apron or hangar.

It can be easily opened with a single touch to provide service point to aircraft and helicopters.

So, the airplane can be easily connected to the 400 Hz ground power and / or PCA reducing APU use. There are plugs on the upper part of the hatch to supply the aircraft either 400 Hz AC or 28.5 VDC during the flight preparations.

The modular design allows customised configuration of each PIT system. If needed, systems of compressed air and water can be installed into the PIT system.

It is always possible reconfigure the system or add new items.

The PIT systems can be equipped up to four 400 Hz cables or two PCA connections plus additional required supplies.


These PITs has a lifting mechanism with counterweight for a single touch operation.

POP-UP PITs like HATCH PIT system are equipped with preconditioned air PCA hoses, 50/60 Hz sockets and 400 Hz power supply for aircraft at apron parking places or hangars.

• Can safely, easily and quickly be connected to the aircraft

• High efficiency

• Reducing the incidence of vehicle collision with aircraft

• Easy access to ground supply

• Modular and flexible

• Aircraft load and rating of EN124 F900- up to 90 tons

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