Commercial Air Purifier 1000m³

Commercial Air Purifier 1000m³

Source of Healthy and Clean Air: 1000 m³ Commercial Air Purifier


The CoolAer 1000m3 Commercial Air Purifier is a commercial-grade air cleaning, purification, and disinfection system. With specially designed 2-stage filtration and optional UV disinfection systems, it safely neutralizes viruses, bacteria and other harmful airborne particles from 1000m3 of air per hour.

COVID-19 has proven the importance of managing indoor air quality. And with the powerful filtration of our H13 HEPA filters, combined with the optional UV light (photocatalytic filter) disinfection technology, the CoolAer 1000m3 Commercial Air Purifier provides one of the most effective air purification systems on the market. H13 HEPA filters remove 99.97% of particles of 0.3 microns or larger. And our optional UV lights effectively inactivate airborne microbes and disinfect the air in indoor settings.

CoolAer HEPA + UVC Pro Commercial Air Purifiers provide an efficient, cost-effective solution to commercial air purification. Installation – on the suction channels of the existing HVAC system – is both easy and straightforward. Our 1000m3 unit is only 987mm x 527mm x 572mm. The powerful G4 motor runs the single fan to effectively remove particulates and contaminants from the air.

CoolAer HEPA + UVC Pro Commercial Air Purifiers can easily be installed to existing central HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems with large volume applications such as business centers, educational institutions, factories, shopping malls, hospitals, indoor sports halls, public institutions, airports, and more.

Guidelines for Disease Prevention
While in 2020, businesses and governments the world over learned much about stopping the spread of diseases like COVID-19, health experts and analysts predict that the incidence of global pandemics will increase. Strategies for businesses, schools, and other public and semi-public entities will include three key facets: outreach, planning, and investments.

Omnichannel Outreach
Employees, customers, students and their parents and anyone else who will come to your site will expect to know what plans your facility has in place to keep them safe. You can put their mind at ease by running an omnichannel outreach campaign that includes social media, banners on your own website, and signage at your physical location.

Upfront Planning
Of course, outreach means nothing without a good message. And what your outreach campaign needs to show is that you’re aware of the latest advice from health experts, and that your responses are practical and will be effective.

Technology Investments
Among the lessons COVID-19 brought was that people can’t be forced to change their habits and wear something like a mask or other PPE properly. Investing in proven technologies – such as automatic hand sanitizer dispensers and air purifiers capable of killing viruses and bacteria – can supplement government health initiatives and build trust between your business and its employees and customers.

Highlights of CoolAer Commercial Air Purifier 1000 m³:

*  Special 2-stage filtration system (G4 + HEPA H13)

*  99.97% capturing capacity of particles larger than 0.3 micron

*  Filter pollution indicator with LED

*  Test Probe Tip for Hepa + UVC (Optional) Pro Commercial Air activity measurement

*  Low energy consumption (maximum energy saving EC fans)

*  Easy adaptation with HVAC interior units

Technical Features:

*  Model: 1000

*  Air Flow Capacity: 1000 m³/h

*  Number of Fans: 1

*  Filter: S

*  Motor Power: G4 (ISO Coarse) + Hepa 13 (>0,3 micron 99,97 %)

*  Electric Power Supply: 170 Watt

*  Current (Max. Operation) 1~200-240V 50/60Hz

*  Control Signal: 1,75 Amp

*  Control Signal Feed: 0-10 V

Areas of Use/Application:

*  Business Centers

*  Hotels

*  Hospitals

*  Factories

*  University Campuses

*  Educational Institutions

*  Cinema and Theater Halls

*  Public Institutions

*  Airports

*  Indoor Sports Halls

*  Exhibition Halls

*  Hepa Filter Grade H13
*  UV-C Lamp

*  Catalog

*  Datasheet

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