Water Cooled Chillers

Water Cooled Chillers

Water Cooled Chiller… With the CoolAer difference…


CoolAer’s line of modular water-cooled chillers is designed to meet your cooling needs now, and to also grow with your business.

As much as half of the energy costs of data center environments is spent on heat mitigation. Engineering into the system efficient cooling solutions is a necessary step in lowering the total cost of ownership, and realizing the ROI on your investment.

Water cooled chillers work together with an air handling system to dramatically lower operational costs and increase efficiencies. As opposed to an air-cooled system, which cools the refrigerant directly, water-cooled systems use a cooling tower to evaporate some of the system’s water to the outside air. This process cools the water that remains, which is sent to the chiller. At the chiller, shell-and-tube or brazed-plate heat exchangers transfer energy between the chilled water and the refrigerant, which cycles through a separate closed loop to the air handling units.

CoolAer’s water cooled chillers are designed to be efficient and environmentally friendly. Our intelligent controls – including electronic expansion valves, microprocessors, and master/slave modes – allow for precise temperature settings. Our system’s electrically commutated (EC) fans allow for increased energy savings over variable speed fans, easy maintenance and service, and lower total cost of ownership.

With a powder-coated steel frame, our water-cooled chillers are designed to be installed indoors in a modular design. As your needs grow, new systems can be added for increased cooling capacity and reliability.

To help our clients balance their operational vs startup costs, our designs feature a number of options, including:

*  Compressors in a scroll or screw design

*  Evaporators and condensers with an isolated shell-and-tube or brazed plate heat exchanger

Our systems are engineered to be easily installed, serviced, and maintained, and come with a 2-year warranty.

*  High efficiency cooling with screw or Scroll options,

*  Temperature, current, pressure protection,

*  Built-in thermal protection and overcurrent protection with low speed axial fan,

*  Shell and tube or brazed plate heat exchanger,

*  Electronic Expansion Valve,

*  High and low pressure gauge,

*  Two different low pressure protection,

*  Freeze protection sensor,

*  Ability to read the superheat value from the touch screen,

*  Reading pressure value from touch screen,

*  Vibration-reducing feet,

*  Winter working kit,

*  Soft starter,

*  Flow switch,

*  PLC,

*  Touch Control Panel,

*  Teamwork up to 4 modules,

*  ModBUS RTU , Modbus TCP , BACnet MS / TP, BACnetIP, CAN-Bus ,

*  Remote control with embedded web interface,

*  Service maintenance warning.

*  Inverter Compressor
*  Scroll Compressor
*  Screw Compressor

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*  Datasheet

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