Water and Ground Source Heat Pump

Water and Ground Source Heat Pump

One system for heating, cooling and hot water: CoolAer Water and Ground Source Heat Pump


Canovate Engineering’s Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) is a balanced system that can provide both heating and cooling to different zones in the network. A continuous loop of temperature-controlled water can cool some rooms or zones while warming others through the economical movement of heat. Heat that would otherwise be rejected to the outdoor air can be re-purposed either by sending it to rooms that need more heat or by using it for other purposes such as warming water. Canovate Engineering WSHPs can adapt to different needs with varying cooling capacities:

  • Cooling capacity 30kW

  • Cooling capacity 60kW

These capacities enhance the flexibility and efficiency of the system, offering significant advantages in meeting the heating and cooling needs of different-sized spaces.

This makes WSHPs among the most energy efficient HVAC systems available. They can be installed in interior or exterior settings, in closets or on rooftops.

They’re also among the easiest heating and cooling systems to service and maintain. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) rate water source heat pump systems with a more than 20-year life expectancy, in large part due to their inherent efficiencies.

Because WSHP systems are designed so that particular units cover specific zones in a building, the specific heating and cooling requirements of those zones can be met. At the same time, because the water source is interconnected, if one unit should fail the entire system continues working.

This modular design helps maintain 100% uptime of the entire system, and eases the process of maintenance and servicing.

While a balanced cycle is the most efficient use of WSHPs, there are times when more heat or cooling is needed than the entire system can provide.

If more units need cooling than can be balanced across the system, heat that is pulled from zones can be – instead of repurposed to other zones – rejected to the outside via an external cooler or cooling tower loop.
If more units need heat than the system can provide, heat is added through the addition of an energy efficient fluid heater attached to the circulating loop.

Due to its efficiency and the manner in which zones are covered, water source heat pump systems are ideal for hotels; office, apartment buildings, and similar multi-family residences; school and university buildings; and many more.

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