Indirect Adiabatic

Indirect adiabatic cooling is a means of gaining the efficiencies of evaporative cooling without adding moisture to the air.

Indoor Panel Air Conditioner

Micro Data Center Cabinet Cooler

Micro data centers are compact data centers used by small and medium-sized businesses to meet their IT needs. Efficient and secure cooling solutions are essential for their proper operation.

Micro Data Center Cabinet Cooler

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps efficiently heat or cool buildings by transferring heat using minimal electricity. They extract heat from outside in winter and remove indoor heat in summer.

Railway Metro Air Conditioner

Air-Cooled Chiller

CoolAer’s air-cooled chillers offer precise and efficient cooling for various industrial applications. They provide reliability and energy efficiency for maintaining optimal temperatures in processes.

In-Row Cooling Units

Getting the right cooling system for your data center is crucial to realizing its ROI. CoolAer In-row Cooler units provide cooling capacity with the highest efficiency.

Aircraft Airport Air Conditioning System

Water-cooled chillers are designed to provide efficient cooling for larger industrial processes by using water as a cooling medium, ensuring high performance and reliability.

Water-Cooled Chiller

Aircraft Airport Pit Systems

Coolaer is a manufacturer of airport ground PITs which provide all of the required ground supply next to the aircraft.

Evaporative Cooler

Our Solutions & Products

Leadership in Climate Control and Cooling: Making a Difference with Our Custom Solutions

Our extensive range of custom products designed to fully meet our customers’ needs, combined with our high-performance technological solutions and technical and operational expertise, are the strengths that set us apart in climate control and cooling.

Advanced Technology and Reliable Solutions

Combining our experience since 1979 with advanced technology, we offer industrial climate control and cooling technology solutions through our extensive product portfolio. By saving time and cost, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services.


Leading Company in Innovative Climate Control Solutions

As CoolAer Climate Control Systems, we are a part of a group company established in 1979 that manufactures in the HVAC sector with cutting-edge innovations and patented products. We are one of Turkey’s leading providers of heating and cooling solutions. Our emphasis on innovation and R&D, combined with our technical support, installation, maintenance, and after-sales services, offers a distinctive customer experience.

Focusing on high performance and reliability, our technology and innovative heating and cooling solutions aim to provide efficient and effective products that give our customers a competitive advantage in the global economy.

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