Indirect Adiabatic Cooling Systems

Indirect Adiabatic Cooling Systems

The ideal solution for cool and clean air: CoolAer Indirect Adiabatic Cooling Systems

Adiabatic (evaporative) cooling provides energy-efficient cooling by making use of the natural change in temperature that occurs during the process of evaporation.

In a simple, direct adiabatic system, a fan blows warm air against water-soaked pads. Some of the energy of the warmth in the air is imparted on the water. This evaporates the water in the pads, and lowers the temperature of the air.

Direct adiabatic systems can be very efficient – however, they also add humidity to the air, which isn’t acceptable in data center and telecom environments. Too much moisture can corrode sensitive components, and even cause short circuits.

Indirect adiabatic cooling is a means of gaining the efficiencies of evaporative cooling without adding moisture to the air. A large percentage of the cost of operating a data center goes towards cooling and conditioning the air around these sensitive components, and the efficiencies gained by use of environmentally friendly evaporative cooling can lower those costs dramatically.

An indirect adiabatic cooler draws in and humidifies outside air to lower its temperature. The air is taken to a heat exchanger, and immediately exhausted. Indoor air – which never mixes with the outdoor air – is also brought to the heat exchanger, where the temperature of the indoor air is lowered without changing its humidity.

CoolAer has engineered an indirect adiabatic cooler that achieves an Energy Efficiency Ratio of more than 30 (EER>30) and a Power Usage Effectiveness of less than 1.05. To achieve these phenomenal, environmentally friendly, energy- and cost-saving rates, our coolers include features such as:

*  A hydrophilic coated heat exchanger

*  Water-saving modes and features, as well as a tank system

*  Water discharge and hardness measurement features

*  Smart fans that work according to the current needs of the data center

With a frost-protection feature, our indirect adiabatic cooler is designed to work without problems in temperatures as low as -25°C (-13°F).

Our systems are engineered to be technician and installation friendly. They feature one-piece assembly, with no screws on the device covers for easy service and maintenance.

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