Indirect Adiabatic

Indirect Adiabatic

More efficient, more cost-effective: New Generation Indirect Adiabatic


Indirect adiabatic cooling is a means of gaining the efficiencies of evaporative cooling without adding moisture to the air. A large percentage of the cost of operating a data center goes towards cooling and conditioning the air around these sensitive components, and the efficiencies gained by use of environmentally friendly evaporative cooling can lower those costs dramatically.

An indirect adiabatic cooler draws in and humidifies outside air to lower its temperature. The air is taken to a heat exchanger, and immediately exhausted. Indoor air – which never mixes with the outdoor air – is also brought to the heat exchanger, where the temperature of the indoor air is lowered without changing its humidity.

CoolAer Indirect Adiabatic Cooling Systems reduce energy consumption, eliminate high ambient problems, serve as an energy efficient cooling solution for Data Centers and also provides some advantages such as :

*  Reduced operating and maintenance costs

*  Improved reliability

*  Increased capacity

*  Self- cleaning filter

*  Longer compressor life

*  Increased energy efficiency

*  Saving energy up to 90%

*  Highest water efficiency

*  Flexible configuration

*  High mechanical cooling energy ratio (EER)

Highlights of CoolAer Indirect Adiabatic Cooling

*  Adiabatic heat exchanger with high efficiency and longer life

*  Cooling capacity up to 50 kW – 250 kW

*  The energy efficiency rate goes over 30’s. (EER> 30)

*  It is the most efficient cooling system used all over the world.

*  It can achieve high efficiency without using DX 90% of the year.

*  Redundant DX cooling unit

*  Compatible with teamwork and building automation system.

*  Different water saving options

*  Different operation options according to pressure difference and temperature principle

*  Water freeze protection feature

*  Problem-free operation up to -25°C

*  EC fan technology

*  Water conductivity value measurement

*  One piece monoblock design

*  Service from each cover with screwless cover design

*  Cleaning of particles in air with G4 and F7 filter

*  PUE<1.03 high efficiency energy saving

*  Due to the special structure of the heat exchanger, it has a hygienic structure.

*  Flow Switch
*  Flow Meter
*  Energy Analyzer
*  Modbus TCP
*  Automatic Transfer Switch
*  Air Louver
*  Water Pump
*  Water Level Float
*  Water Tank

*  Catalog

*  Datasheet

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