Panel Air Conditioners

Panel Air Conditioners

CoolAer Panel Air Conditioners for the cooling of critical equipment in harsh equipment!

CoolAer Panel Air Conditioners – also known in the industry as Enclosure Air Conditioners or (Control) Panel Air Conditioners – are designed to meet the high thermal demands and humidity regulation of electrical enclosures and similar environments for the telecommunications and electrical power industries. Our Panel Air Conditioners use a closed-loop circulation method to protect sensitive electronic and electrical equipment from contaminants, humidity, and overheating.

In normal operation, systems in electrical and Telecom enclosures can generate enough heat to damage their own components. To prevent the risk of damage due to the accumulation of heat, these systems need temperature modulation and airflow. Simply venting the area is both insufficient and allows contamination from foreign particles to enter the facility.
CoolAer Panel Air Conditioners are low-cost, low-maintenance solutions for reliably cooling critical equipment even in harsh environments.

With a cooling capacity ranging from 500-4000W, Canovate offers a wide selection of Panel Air Conditioners to meet the demands of its customers.

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