Outdoor Panel Air Conditioner

Outdoor Panel Air Conditioner

When the desired temperature is lower than the ambient temperature or when high temperature needs to be decreased, CoolAer Outdoor Panel Air Conditioner is there!


CoolAer Outdoor Panel Air Conditioners are essential solutions with low-cost and low-maintenance for reliably cooling critical equipment even in harsh environments.
CoolAer Outdoor Panel Air Conditioners are designed to take heated air in cabinets and give it back to cabinets after cooling it. Outdoor panel air conditioners offers IP54 protection level and they are A class equipments with EC fan technology. The design of CoolAer Outdoor Panel Conditions is compatible to use at outdoor environments. They provide high efficiency with its freecooling feature.
Outdoor Panel Air Conditioners are used in different industries such as textile, elevator industry, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry in various CNC machines, food business, home appliances.

*  R134a is used as refrigerant in outdoor panel air conditoners.

*  The air conditioner set temperature is adjustable in the range of 8°C and 45°C.

*  It has Auto Start function when power is cut off.

*  The soft take-off feature can be used when the device is first started.

*  Devices remote monitoring feature is available.

*  The compressor is protected against low pressure.

*  It provides protection to compressor for high pressure.

*  Outdoor panel air conditioner offers full protection for corrosive zones.

*  G2 and G3 filters

*  IP54 protection level

*  Low Pressure Switch
*  Fan Speed Control with EC Fan Technology
*  Modbus TCP
*  Softstarter
*  Remote Monitoring and Control
*  High Pressure Switch

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*  Datasheet

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