Chilled Water Based In-Row Side Cooler Unit

Chilled Water Based In-Row Side Cooler Unit

Efficient, Reliable, Compatible CoolAer Chilled Water Side Cooler Unit!


CoolAer’s Chilled-water Based Side Coolers increase the efficiency of a data center by supplying cool air where it’s needed most. With a patented, space-saving design, they can be installed on the side of a rack, providing up to 30kW of cooling in just a 300mm footprint. Their universal design allows them to be installed on racks of different shapes, and even onto racks already in operation.

Chilled-water based In-row side coolers are part of a chiller system, which means they don’t rely on condensers to cool a refrigerant. Instead, water chilled to 14°C is brought through a closed loop to the cooling fans. This not only keeps the equipment cool but also, because there is no condensation, reduces the threat to equipment of humidity and water leaks.

The patented design of CoolAER’s side coolers eliminates the need for a raised floor under the servers. This lowers your capital expenditure by reducing the infrastructure required to efficiently cool your equipment. At the same time, operational expenditures are also lowered due to the precision of the area that the system cools. Instead of cooling ambient air, or having to push air around and between wires and cables, the air is pinpointed directly where it needs to be.

This targeted cooling also has positive effects on energy consumption. Data centers and their cooling systems are power hungry, and precise cooling lowers energy costs and improves the environmental friendliness of the system.

Monitoring CoolAER’s Chilled Water Based In-row Side Cooler is as easy reading the integrated LCD display, and its hot-swappable fans ease the processes of maintenance and repair.


*  14 kW or 28 kW cooling capacity

*  Remote access and control

*  Teamwork of up to eight devices

*  Easily intervenable electrical panel with skid board structure

*  Easy changeable coarse filter without equipment. Washable and cleanable.

*  EC intelligent radial fan

*  Detachable fan structure

*  Ability to change the fan during device operation

*  SHR: 1.00

*  Different operation options according to pressure difference and temperature principle

*  Suitable for raised flooring, lowered ceiling and air duct systems

*  Flexible installation

*  Humidity control option

*  External DC input to keep automation active in case of power failure

*  Fire alarm input

*  Remote control option from a different device

*  Ability to store alarm history up to 100 logs

*  7" Touch Screen
*  BACnet/IP
*  Steam Humidifier
*  Electric Heater
*  Energy Analyzer
*  Modbus TCP
*  Automatic Transfer Switch
*  SNMP Module
*  Ultra Capacitor
*  Web Interface

*  Catalog

*  Datasheet

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