DX Gas Based In-Row Front Cooler Unit

DX Gas Based In-Row Front Cooler Unit

Maximum cooling system with Inverter Technology: DX (Gas) Based In-Row Front Cooler Unit


CoolAer’s DX-Gas Based In-row Front Coolers are engineered to maximize efficiency by automatically controlling the cooling capacity between 11- and 28-kW in a 42U, 300x1000mm cabinet rack.

DX-based In-row coolers use direct expansion to cool indoor air. To oversimplify the technicalities, refrigerant is run through a closed loop in which it goes through a process of evaporation and condensation, absorbing and releasing heat in a controlled way.

Our DX-based coolers were developed specifically for hot and cold aisle containment applications, in dense data center environments, without the need for a raised floor. Their modular construction enables you to control your capital expenditure by only investing in the amount of cooling you need now. As your needs grow, more units can be added to your system, for increased cooling.

CoolAER’s investment in research and development has created a practical design that improves on the efficiency of the system by minimizing condensed water and using a multi-point injection system. This distributes the environmentally friendly R410 refrigerant more efficiently within the heat exchange unit. By placing the system where the cool air is needed most directly, using In-Row technology, cooling capacity is maximized.

To improve on our system’s energy efficiency, we use hot-swappable, variable speed, temperature-controlled fans with Electronically Commutated (EC) motors.

Our design is also technician friendly, combining the condenser and compressor – a notoriously noisy unit – and placing them outside of the data center or telecommunications facility. This allows technicians to work within the area more easily.
The coolant can be run through copper pipes that lead either to the top or bottom of the unit, according to the need of the design.

The functionality and efficiency of the system can be monitored and controlled with an optional SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) card. This allows administrators to monitor how well the system is working holistically, and to better identify any possible hotspots, leaks in the hot/cold aisle containment, under-used servers, or other issues.


*  Cooling capacity range from 10 kW to 52 kW

*  R410A refrigerant

*  Remote access and control

*  Teamwork of up to eight devices

*  Easily intervenable electrical panel with skid board structure

*  Easy changeable coarse filter without equipment. Washable and cleanable.

*  EC intelligent radial fan

*  Detachable fan structure

*  Ability to change the fan during device operation

*  SHR: 1.00

*  Different operation options according to pressure difference and temperature principle

*  Suitable for raised flooring, lowered ceiling and air duct systems

*  Flexible installation

*  Humidity control option

*  External DC input to keep automation active in case of power failure

*  Fire alarm input

*  Remote control option from a different device

*  Ability to store alarm history up to 100 logs

*  7" Touch Screen
*  BACnet/IP
*  Steam Humidifier
*  Electric Heater
*  Energy Analyzer
*  Modbus TCP
*  Automatic Transfer Switch
*  SNMP Module
*  Ultra Capacitor
*  Web Interface

*  Catalog

*  Datasheet

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