DX Gas Based In-Row Side Cooler Unit

DX Gas Based In-Row Side Cooler Unit

Save space, reduce maintenance and installation time with the innovative design of DX (gas) Based In-Row Side Cooler Unit!


For those telecom and data center systems and designs that function best with side cooling, CoolAer offers an innovative selection of rack-mountable side coolers, including our DX-based (Direct Expansion) side coolers.

Applying direct expansion (DX) technologies to data center environments has enabled CoolAer to develop an efficient system with a low total cost of ownership.

The modular design of CoolAer DX-Gas Based In-row Side Cooler Unit allows you to pay for the cooling capacity you need now, and to grow that capacity proportionally with your business. At the same time, we help you control operating expenses by developing practical, energy efficient systems.

Our DX-based In-row side coolers achieve up to 28kW of cooling power, with no requirement for a raised-floor environment. This helps control initial costs by lowering the investment in infrastructure. Ongoing costs are also lowered – instead of cooling the air under a raised floor, or having to push air around and between the wires and cables that also inhabit the subfloor, the air in our system is targeted directly where it needs to be.

Our In-row side coolers’ patented, space-saving design eases the process of both installation and maintenance. The coolers are both rack mountable and easily adjusted to fit most any rack – even those already in operation. We’ve designed the fans to be hot-swappable, allowing repair, replacement, and maintenance to happen without interrupting operations.

Another user-friendly feature of our innovative design combines the cooling system’s compressor and condenser into a single outdoor unit. Moving the condenser outside makes the unit both more efficient and technician friendly.

Our DX-based In-row Side Cooler has an integrated monitoring system, measuring temperature, moisture, and the efficiency of the system’s fans. Administrators can be alerted to minor issues before they become big problems.


*  28 kW Cooling capacity

*  DX Based Cooling

*  R410A refrigerant

*  Remote access and control

*  Teamwork of up to eight devices

*  Easily intervenable electrical panel with skid board structure

*  Easy changeable coarse filter without equipment. Washable and cleanable.

*  EC intelligent radial fan

*  Detachable fan structure

*  Ability to change the fan during device operation

*  SHR: 1.00

*  Different operation options according to pressure difference and temperature principle

*  Suitable for raised flooring, lowered ceiling and air duct systems

*  Flexible installation

*  Humidity control option

*  External DC input to keep automation active in case of power failure

*  Fire alarm input

*  Remote control option from a different device

*  Ability to store alarm history up to 100 logs

*  7" Touch Screen
*  BACnet/IP
*  Steam Humidifier
*  Electric Heater
*  Energy Analyzer
*  Modbus TCP
*  Automatic Transfer Switch
*  SNMP Module
*  Ultra Capacitor
*  Web Interface

*  Catalog

*  Datasheet

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