Micro Data Center Cabinet Cooling

Micro Data Center Cabinet Cooling


CoolAer Micro Data Center Cabinet Cooling for high capacity cooling and high performance!

Micro Data Centers, which stand out with their design and new technology within data center solutions, come to the forefront with their low cost, fast installation and energy efficiency issues. Micro DC solution is an integrated data center solution that combines Rack cabinet, UPS, cooling system, fire detection and extinguishing system, PDU (power distribution unit) and environmental monitoring systems (EMS) in one solution.

Data centers,located in central offices and branches, can be monitored without being connected to people and the system can be ensured to operate at the highest level without interruption, with the remote monitoring feature.
CoolAer Micro Data Center Cabinet Cooling units have 2 different models based on the required cooling capacity:

*  Micro Data Center with 2 kW Cooling Capacity

*  Micro Data Center with 4 kW Cooling Capacity

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