Micro Data Center Cabinet with 4kW Cooling Capacity

Micro Data Center Cabinet with 4kW Cooling Capacity

Power management, security, environmental monitoring, cooling systems all in one center!


CoolAer Micro Data Center solutions are an industry leader for efficiency and cost effectiveness for meeting the increased demand in data center environments. CoolAer Micro DC solution is an integrated data center solution tha combines Rack cabinets, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), Cooling, Fire Suppression, PDU and Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) in a single, compact solution. With the remote monitoring feature, data centers located in central offices and branches are monitored without being connected to people and the system is ensured to operate at the highest level without interruption.

*  An all-in-one micro data center with cooling, monitoring, power management and security systems.

*  IP 54 protection level

*  Independent data center

*  No need for raised floor and external cooling (outdoor unit) equipment.

*  4kW cooling capability

*  High level of safety with 2U fire suppression and remote monitoring systems in the cabinet

*  Advanced power management with IP PDU and UPS systems

*  Ability to set up the data center wherever you want, wherever you need it

*  Fast installation within 4-6 weeks from planning to start working

*  Low cost

*  Remote access

*  Space saving up to 50%.

*  Optional solutions such as Environment monitoring system, IP PDU / Basic PDU, UPS (Rack type), electronic lock system, KVM

4kW Cooling Unit

*  It is suitable to operate as 115 - 480 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz

*  A special door switch controls the compressor.

*  20 °C / 50 °C External temperature range.

*  25 °C / 45 °C Internal temperature settings.

*  No filtration requirement.

*  Minimum maintenance.

*  85 kg weight.

*  115 V 60 HZ - 230 V 60 HZ
*  Touch Screen
*  Intelligent Lock Access Control System
*  EMS System (Environmental Monitoring System)
*  Power Distribution Unit Solutions
*  KVM
*  Access Control & Automatic Door Opening System with Pistons
*  Rack Mount UPS

*  Catalog

*  Datasheet

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