Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

The future of climatization technology: Heat Pumps!

Cooling accounts for between 35-50% of the operational cost of a data center, and finding ways to reduce that cost is among the top priorities in telecom engineering.

Through innovative designs that focus on practical engineering, CoolAer’s heat pumps can lower the operational expense of cooling a data center by as much as 30%.

Heat pumps operate counter-intuitively, by absorbing the thermal energy from a cold space (the heat source) and removing it to a warmer one (the heat sink). As the difference in temperature between the heat source and heat sink increases, the heat pump begins to lose some of its efficiency – therefore, many colder climates use ground-sourced heat pumps.

Heat pumps require no fossil fuels to run – making them among the most environmentally friendly cooling options on the market, with the ability to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of many establishments.

Another difference between most A/C units and heat pumps is that heat pumps can provide either hot or cold air. The A/C in many homes, for example, uses the A/C unit to cool the home, but a furnace to heat it in the winter. With heat pumps, the furnace isn’t needed – which means less infrastructure, and more savings, in the right installation.

CoolAer’s line of heat pumps include air-, water-, and ground-sourced units, which can produce water as cold as 7°C (45°F) to cool data center and other telecom environments. Engineered with an eye on practicality, our units can:

*  Save on the cost of heating water for sinks, laundry, or other applications by producing hot water (80°C/176°F) in warm months

*  Operate in any outdoor temperature (ground-sourced units) or in air temperatures as low as -24°C/-11°F (air-sourced units)

*  Dehumidify, heat, and cool simultaneously in one air-handling unit (AHU)

CoolAer’s heat pumps are engineered to be technician and installation friendly, with a compact footprint, easy-assembled ‘monobloc’ construction, and quiet operation.

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