DX Based In-Row Cooler Unit

DX Gas Based In-Row Cooler Unit with optimum filtering performance.

CoolAer DX Based In-row Cooler Units, that is designed for cold and hot aisle containment applications,  provide cooling capacity with the highest efficiency. They are the ideal cooling solutions to get maximum performance.

CoolAer’s DX Based In-row Cooler Units use the vapor expansion and compression cycle of a refrigerant (R410A) to directly cool the air in the data center. They use use R410A, which is an environmentally friendly, efficient refrigerant. They are environmental friendly and provides maximum performance.

CoolAer DX Based In-row Cooler Units are categorized as front cooler and side cooler based on the airflow direction used to provide maximum cooling performance:

* CoolAer DX Based In-row Front Cooler Unit

* CoolAer DX Based In-row Side Cooler Unit

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